Does Konectbiz accept all sellers in Nigeria

Yes we do, Konectbiz is open to sellers nationwide in Nigeria whether you sell from your house, have a shop or an office, who are willing to make your Business products and services more visible.

Are their rules in joining Konectbiz

Yes konectbiz is meant to be a scam free community of buyers and sellers. If any buyer or seller is found wanting, their records are permanently removed from the platform

Can the team managing Konectbiz assist in adding and registering new members ?

Yes, if a seller is willing to advertise their products and need help in creating and adding content, they can contact us for help. Just contact us on whatsapp through 09036857618

Are their payment policies that can guide sellers and buyers?

Yes there are but they are optional, they are made to guide against acts of SCAM especially option number 2.  It also guarantees we are involved in seeing that what you contact a customer to buy finally gets to you. Click HERE for more informations

How does the Affiliate work?

It works for both sellers and buyers, at the main time, sellers who copy the Registration page link and convert it by visiting the affiliate section, on registering 5 new businesses or sellers weekly automatically will get a product or your business featured for the next week which starts on Monday to Friday for FREE. While for buyers and visitors promotions will be coming up for them to perform tasks with the affiliate and get rewarded, as earnings are converted to Rewards.

Can I upload multiple products for sale as a shop owner?

Yes feel free to do so and ensure you put proper details per product.

Can I directly message a seller here?

Yes you can

I can't find the categories for my product or service, what should I do?

You can just select *others* in the nearest category you see, and we will update it for you, if not done well.

I want my adverts to always be featured, what can I do?

For such a request, contact the support team on WhatsApp and they will guide you.

Do adverts expire?

No they don’t, but we advise that you constantly update them, delete them when the Product or service is not available anymore.