How to Advertize on Konectbiz

To Advertise your Product/Service/Business outfit on KonectBiz, simply Register your account with the following Details (Name, Phone Number, Email and Password), kindly ensure that these details are correct and that you can always be easily reached with them, especially your phone number should be available on whatsapp since most people would prefer sending you chat messages.

As soon as your account is ready for use and you are logged in, kindly click on Post An Ad and you will be presented with 3 steps to get your advert running for FREE.

FIRST STEP: Ensure to provide an appropriate Title for what you want to Sell and also select the appropriate category for you Product, Service. Next will involve selecting a Category based on what you want to add at that time, the category part is a drop down menu, ensure you can scroll through the available options available and then choose what option matches your desired Advert, if you want to advertise your shop and what you produce/sell in it or your business location in general click on Services  NOTE: This 2 options are key to telling your prospective customers what you have to offer and if for any reason you can’t find what suites your product/service description, kindly use the Others option in the Category. When done with this Step, click on next.

SECOND STEP: Specify the Price Type you prefer for your products/services, for Productsuse either the fixed or negotiable, from the drop down, while for services your business outfit offers such as Hotels, Recreation Centers, Restaurants, Micro Finance Houses, Hospitals, you can specify price on call (Ensure that the registered number is whatsapp enabled)NOTE: For a business involved in different aspect ensure you stick with the price on call as only that option makes selection of a specific price entry Impossible. On Select Currency leave it on Naira sign, on Click the box below to add photos, select the pictures you wish to use for the advert, maximum allowed pictures are 3. On Ad Description write about the product/service you want people to contact you forensure your description is catchy and a true representation of your product, service or Business. On Tags, you might want to add some tags, but this option is not mandatory, On Type of Ad, select either Sell/Rent which is applicable to products and service. For Item Condition select either Brand New/Used, then for Warranty specify if your product covers warranty, if yes when contacted by the buyer ensure you let him/her know about it, if not select No. Finally, if you have a video uploaded on YouTube, you can share the link on YouTube Video Link, so that those who watch the video can be convinced to patronize you.

THIRD STEP: For Your Name, specify your name if you are an individual seller or your business namefor Country leave the option on Nigeria, on selection of country, select your state, local government if available while for Address Describe the place you are located, you must not have a shop/office to sell on KonectBiz, but you should describe where you live and can be easily reached by prospective customers. When you finish all the entries, click on SUBMIT, this takes you to the added product/service page automatically, where you can see all you entered, at this page you can view how many people have viewed the Advert, you can edit the product/service details when need arise.

NOTE: Use web browsers different from Opera mini while filling your post details. Feel free to contact us via whatsapp/call (09036857618) when you find any aspect of this steps challenging and we will gladly be of help to you anytime.