How to buy on Konectbiz

To Buy Products or Contact Sellers of products and services on KonectBiz, all you need to do is to register your account with us, then details like phone number and a chance to email the seller can then be available to you.

Once you see a product/service provider you wish to contact, you can do so immediately, by clicking view Ad and all necessary details can be seen.

We are working round the clock to provide a safe platform to ensure, buyers and sellers have no issues, so on that note, when trying to purchase a product/service, do well to enquire in detail, specific information’s you need to be sure about.

Every buyer can use our Payment policy which is a 2 way option to get your products and services delivered.

NOTE: The above Payment policy is optionally, any option you decide to use is solely your choice and you should do well to inform the seller of your intention and if need be inform us so we monitor the process of the product/service delivery and ensure everyone is satisfied at the end.