Top Businesses that can be Started in Nigeria with #0 naira (No capital)

Most undergraduates (University, College of Education, Polytechnic) believe that its not possible to actually  start a business/ develop enterpreneural skills that are salable, well that is not true. Alot of student who have tried one or 2 approaches towards being self reliant and creative in the society, most especially their schools in Nigeria, can attest to the fact that its possible to actually get started with zero capital.

Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of this year 2019, their has being reasons for students to stay at home because of strike, but did that mean, they were meant to make social media interactions a hot spot for them and their friends or sleep all day and eat what mummy and daddy can provide as breakfast, lunch and optional dinner that is if dinner is even assured.
To everybody, especially sudents for whom this content is targeted to, we all need money on a daily basis, and the truth is money is never enough for anybody, no matter how much you can make each day, their will still be that burning desire to double your hustle and make even more money. That will be great, especially if you can employ, train or even inspire people to get busy and not whirl away time.
What really is the reason for people especially students who are aware of the huge expenes their parents make for them to be in school, to be idle, ohh I just forget, alot of them who make social media their home just for “Hello, Hi”, “Baby this, Baby That” kind  of discussion will not agree they are idle lol.
When you constantly depend on someone for your needs, it doent take them long to get tired of your requesting for this and that, from them on a regular basis, imagine trying to call someone just to greet and inquire about their well being, only for the person to keep rjecting or call or worst still refuse to pick at all because they have known you for your persistent habbit of asking, this days sorry to say, its more of begging for one form of assistance or the other. Even our close family members too can get tired of us when we do the asking most often.


As students we dont need a sootsayer to call us and tell us that times are changing rapidly and their is that need for an all inclusive attitude about getting creative and busy, this kind of busy shoudn’t  distract you from your academics but you should aim at working out a balance that will put you at the forefront of your academics and still be proud to say yes “I do this and that to sustain myself in addition to what Dad and Mum send to me, Oh yes I just remembered a friend who told me of how exited her father was, when she sent airtime to him and a well baked cake on his birthday, you can imagine the joy that will be in his heart and the prayers he would have prayed for her that day. You might be like, ohh shes a girl, its easier for them, sell or no sell, something on them have a price tag, but sorry its not for this girl, she actually does something that to a large extent you may have not thought can be easily achievable and what she gets in return is really amazing.
Keep reading, her hustle is amongst our top businesses you can start with and grow as a student.
If at any point, you get insp ired to begin a business or develop your skill better, to be more efficient and productive, you will easily and at an early stage (early because at your undergraduate stage, financial mistakes you make may not count so much, as it would if for instance you have a family you tend to their needs) learn to understand money rules, strategies to spend and how to save, I will be making a post on this aspect very soon, subscribe to our email updates, follow us on facebook and instagram so you dont miss out on such vital posts that can turn you into a better Nigerian that his/her potentials can be capable of turning around life’s in the scoiety.
One striking truth is that over 500,000 students graduate yearly, they serve our country and this number of graduants would always desire for jobs that can be used to take care of theirselves, to the sensible one’s their parents and siblings first before other people they may care about, but do we regular get jobs that much that can keep body and soul of this graduates going for sometime and I believe you already know the answer already. Does this mean trying to get good results and finally a certificate to show for academic balance is a waste of time for many jobless graduates and the simple answer is NO, when you have a certificate, it would at some point in time give you an edge in the society no matter what you do, even if it doesnt concern what you are doing and putting good food on your table, have you wondered why businessmen after estabishing a means of making money still try to get Education up to the tertiary institution level ?, well you should know they also know the value of the certificate to their businesses.
When I see young people around who I feel are not suppose to be whirling away tie and energy, I sometimes try to approach them and do my part in knowing what really may be the problem.  Trust me, I can mind my business ohh, but sometimes its ok to allow people share with you whats deep inside of them.  After a long chat, that most times get intresting, they get to ask “what can I do ? ” I usually would start by returning the question by asking such a person, tell me what skill you have, or just tell me what do you see around you or see people doing that makes you happy, few reply with some great answers, others actually don’t even know what to answer.
Back to what are obtainable for free as students in schools of today, well the options are many and more are being thought about regularly  by creative minds who virtually come up with new ideas that fetch them money even as small as it may seem.
The business ideas I will be sharing today can be used by anyone who feels its time to take a bold step and get involved in the society with people, putting their ideas in front of people and being able to convince them to give them a chance to waow them. Their are lot of requirements to get started on this journey;
  1. The right mindset: You may start by feeling you are experimenting to know if people will be willing to patronize you, but before i for one can patronize you for instance, by your attitude you can sound convincing, so watch out in believing in yourself and also how to present your sellable ideas for patronage.
  2.  Fall in love with it: If your desire is just to make the money, you might later start to dislike what you do, develop this natural love for what you are doing and let the joy in you be seen by your customers.
  3. Be ready to be corrected/insulted/abused/gossiped about and encouraged: To this number 3 point, alot comes with the desire to get involved with something, at some days you will feel bad, some days you will feel challenged to be better especially when you see your competitors, some days you will feel “oh am done trying”, but hey dont feel discouraged, dont insult your customers, learn to listen and if possible, Boss up and expain why you have taken that option and not the other. Thesame people who laugh at you today or worst gossip you, would see you become better.
  4. Right level of creativity: This days people are tird with the way things are done, they want some spicing to what you can offer, make your work unique at low cost, remember creativity rules.
  5. Learn to market yourself: While you chat, visit people, learn to tell them what you do, it will help you grow. Encourage them to tell their friends and people around them, in no short time, you will have customers calling. Our core function on konectBiz is to give your work a great boost, so dont forget to create an account with us and advertise your products, your pictures can mean a million to those in need of your service. Do share with people around you, that they too can now sell theirself better using our website.
  6. Save and Invest: Learn to save from the money you make, ensure you get ready quickly to start investing in this business of yours and be ready to make it work.

At this point here comes the kind  of businesses/services/hustle/jobs you can start in 2019 as an undergraduate, graduate.

  • Media / Influencer Marketing

If your are a king on social media or you can slay for African on social media, why not turn that fanbase of yours to a publicity paradiseInstagram, Snapchat, Facebook are platforms where Nigerians are making loads of cash just by sharing and promoting events/engaging contents. This is a business idea you also need to venture into if you are crazy about social media.Let me burst your bubble, do you know that some people with thousands of followers, charge between 15,000 – 50,000 Naira per post or even more just to share with their friends whats coming up in their city. Well thats a serious way to start.


  • Affiliate marketing

In Affiliate marketing you can approach business owners and have agreements with them on sales and referrals, every business need an idea or more to grow. I heard of a Lady, who makes about #200,000 monthly by promoting a business and she still has her daily job. So my brother and sister, its not always going to be that ” I am beautiful, Handsome or that you can smile so well” use this natural gifts to attract patronage to people’s businesses and get paid.

  • Importation Business

These days, people import various products and make money on it, so this business should not be crossed off your list either. Usually, you can start with understanding what it takes and  on a low-scale (mini-importation) import for people close to you after they have paid, just Incase something may delay your shipping, this kind of people can be easily managed, get to understand the process better. You can even start by delivering the product to the owners as soon as it arrives.

  • Blogging/Content Writing

Blogging or vlogging or content creating, is not so easy as people feel, so you need the right level of passion for this, it sure pays if you love it and won’t get tiredd and possibly discouraged to stop. First you need to identify your niche more on this will be written on our subsequent posts. Ensure you are not going to be copying other writers post, it’s a sin and Google and other search engines dislike such, remember google is amongst the may places your post can be easily seen by people you never expected, so you have to make this search engines happy and identify you as a serious person. Subsequently I would be sharing sure means to make money in blogging fast, I know this days it’s the surrest approach we want, so follow us and see.

  • Graphic Design

Since we are interested in what you can do with zero finance, this should be an option for people with laptop’s or desktop’s.

For graphic designs, you also need the right skill, especially as it relates to clean and attractive designs, not every design this days match what is expected in 2019, knowing Photoshop, Corel draw as basis is not enough, knowing the right color mixtures to get your work appealing to people is key.  Their are downloadable elements called vectors that can be used to make your work more appealing, do try to learn how to use them. You can always advertise your self on konectbiz as a service provider and do well to share pictures of your graphic design.

  • Video Editing

A video editor is skilled in putting video clips together, as each video clip contains frames, the editor should know what frames need to be removed, at some point such removals can be done at the smallest second read on the video timeline. It’s not a kind of job you can do without a powerful laptop from core i5-i7 and better still other video editing components should be on the laptop. So it’s not just having a powerful laptop but being able to use it to do some creative works that are sellable.

  • Web Design/Development

A Web designer/developer refers to those people who can create Websites, learn to make your website look very attractive and easy to navigate. This skill demands alot of time to perfect, always know people make money with it and if you love it,you too can.

  • Digital marketing

A Digital marketer is someone who sells products online, on konectBiz we are deeply involved in encouraging your business to grow, so add your Businesses here as a Nigerian and encourage people around you to do same. As a digital Digital marketer, you can sell products for people and get paid on sales. The key point is that the digital marketing specialists, obviously are mostly concentrated on the marketing in the digital world as opposed to the real world. Starting your own agency does not require a lot of money, all you need is some skilL.

  • Home teacher

This days alot of parents desire that their children get taught at home, if you can make yourself available on agreed days, then you can make money while impacting knowledge on students, also for external exams like Jamb, WAEC, NECO, you can decide to form a team and teach students at a specified location.

  • Catering

Some people are exceptional cooks, why not take your exiting kitchen moments to the next level and get contracts to cook for events, make people feel your impact and call you for more.

  • Private fitness training
Have you had that desire to get people to look attractive based on their body shape or are you quit good at body building, well you may have found an ideal job for yourself, approach people who need this kind of help and based on what you know you can do for them to have that structure they desire, agree with them and get started, with time you will be well known especially when people see your commitment.
So for now this are the options we will be sharing, more will be coming soon, just incase you know of some more kindly use the comment section and let us know, so that we can update this list.
Also don’t forget, we at BizKonect are positioned to encourage any form of business you do, just do yourself and that business a favor by registering here and create an advert for your work, together we can make Nigeria and Nigerians ready to be creative to actually smile as they get patronized.
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Finally share this posts with as many people as you can, you might be helpful to someone who is a bit confused on steps to take now, and when they ask questions, together we can answer them and get them on the right track.
Stay safe

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